World Diabetes Day 2020: Here what WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact offers

Among the number of coronavirus deaths recorded across the globe this year, people with diabetes have been the most vulnerable and are paying a particularly high price courtesy the severe risk and also disruptions to essential health services. As World Diabetes Day 2020 fall in the midst of Covid-19, on November 14, the World Health Organization is announcing the Global Diabetes Compact which promises to bring together in one package, all WHO materials available for the prevention and management of diabetes while focusing on reducing obesity too.

In a statement released recently, the WHO estimated that 6% of the world’s population has diabetes while the total number of diabetic patients today is four times what it was in 1980. It is extremely concerning since low and middle income countries are still witnessing a continuous rise in the numbers and are the least well-equipped to provide treatment.

According to the WHO, the gravity of the situation demands a strong and united effort from all organizations working in the areas of monitoring, prevention and treatment of diabetes hence, the Global Diabetes Compact was announced. The key to the success of the Compact lies in the alignment and united action across all sectors including public, private and philanthropic.

Check WHO’s video on the same here:


As a comprehensive and inclusive approach, the Compact will support countries in implementing effective programmes for the prevention and management of diabetes. WHO shared, “The Compact will bring together in one package all WHO materials available for the prevention and management of diabetes, both existing and new.”

It added, “On the prevention side, particular focus will be given to reducing obesity, especially among young people. On the treatment side, emphasis will be on improving access to diabetes medicines and technologies, in particular in low- and middle-income countries.”

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