Sarojini Nagar market sellers have displayed all they have got for winter ware this year.

New Delhi

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Bo Derek’s famous words ring true with the shoppers in Delhi’s popular Sarojini Nagar market, who are thronging the place to upgrade their winter stock. As temperature dips in the city, winter has come knocking in Sarojini, where sellers have put their varied winter wares on display.

Thinner sweaters are in higher demand as Delhi evenings get chilly.

Lightweight sweaters and cardigans are a hit

The by lanes of Sarojini Nagar market are packed with people looking for lightweight sweaters, and the wide variety isn’t disappointing them either. “Corona apne ghar gaya,” quips Surinder, who has his stall stocked to the brim with sweaters that are available for ₹100 each. “Sabse jaldi yehi bik raha hai,” he says pointing towards thin cardigans on hangers. “The crowd has been better in the festival season, as people are learning to live with the virus while taking precautions,” he adds.

The long and short of coats

Ram Sevak Yadav, who has been selling clothes in this market for over a decade, shares that he has stocked up on jackets and coats, ranging from ₹350 to ₹800 since he saw that there’s always been a demand for these. “Long coats are the best sellers! And we try to keep all varieties… right now people want to wear light weight material, but do intend to protect themselves from Delhi’s chilly evenings,” he says.

This particular lane in Sarojini Nagar is famous for coats in all  sizes, lengths and colours.

This particular lane in Sarojini Nagar is famous for coats in all sizes, lengths and colours.

Dipti Gupta, a Noida resident, out for her winter shopping with friends in this shoppers’ paradise, says “Revenge shopping is a thing! I hadn’t shopped in seven months until festival approached. And since winter is fast approaching, I decided to splurge on a few coats that will go well with both saris and jeans. When the thought of shopping took over me, I knew there’s nothing like Sarojini when it comes to coats,” she says as she goes back to search for a corduroy.

Sleepwear shenanigans: Flannel pyjamas to the rescue

’Tis the season for coffee and warm pyjamas. Soft flannel night suit sets are on display in a noticeable quantity. Available at a starting price of ₹400, these night sets can be ditched for loose flannel pants, which cost around ₹200. Manorama, a south Delhi resident eyeing these pieces, tells us that she is looking for a pair to fulfil her daughter’s demand. She adds, “She had seen them online, but those were expensive. So I thought I’d try looking for them here, and thankfully found a few shops that are selling them. Ab bas bargain karna padega (chuckles).”

Jackets, watta bomb!

Young shoppers can be seen thronging shops selling jackets — denim fabrics, bomber jackets and even faux leather ones. “I used to come in December-January for winter wear, but this time evenings have become quite chilly especially when we are at home all day. So my yearly pilgrimage to Sarojini has come a little early this year,” says Niyati, a shopper who bought two denim jackets priced at ₹200 each.

Jackets are extremely popular at this time of the year, and Sarojini Nagar market has quite a variety.

Jackets are extremely popular at this time of the year, and Sarojini Nagar market has quite a variety.

Buy now or repent later!

Shopkeepers in the bargaining hub say they bought the winter stock, albeit in a limited quantity since they were skeptical that they might not be able to make as much sale as they did during the pre-Covid winter months. “The footfall is less than expected because cases wapis se badh rahe hain. Isliye hum kam saaman la toh rahe hain but only in limited quantities. More variety is expected to come in the coming weeks. Dresses, leather shoes, animal print jackets, ye sab aaega. Abhi se zyada stock layenge toh humara loss hoga, but agar aap ye sweaters leke nahi jaoge, toh bohot pachtaoge,” says Sonu Yadav, a young shopkeeper.

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