A rare selfie of Bella, captioned, “All that glitters is gold.. oh wait, it’s just another Instagram filter”.

Bella Kidman Cruise, the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, is becoming quite the aesthetic influencer on her Instagram. In an age where pages are filled with ‘the perfect’, stereotypical aesthetic, Bella Kidman Cruise’s style comes like a breath of fresh air. She flaunts her unique grunge look with her leather jackets and funky shoes.

Bella’s Instagram showcases more of her art and designs rather than pictures of her, but in a rare selfie posted on Saturday, the 27-year-old artist showed off her newly coloured blue hair. Bella added a touch of electric blue to her mullet like hairstyle, all paired with a leopard print top, leather jacket and sunglasses. Bella also sported different earrings in each year, one of a peace symbol and the other that appears to be the moon. Her septum piercing adds to her overall aesthetic, not just as an artist but also as a fashion influencer.

Her fans took to her Instagram, showering her with compliments about her new hair, and some compared her looks with Lady Gaga’s. Another fan commented that Bella had her father’s nose. However, Bella is making a name for herself, even outside that of her family. Her gorgeous dark hair and clear skin aren’t the only reason her fan base is increasing exponentially. Her artwork takes the front seat on her Instagram page. Some of her works contain haunting black and white drawings, and others pop out with vibrant colours.

Through the course of the years, Bella Kidman Cruise’s name has become synonymous with her brand and artwork. Her clothing collection includes basic t-shirts printed with her artwork. Though her Instagram bounces from being filled with roses and hues of the setting sun, directly into stronger visuals of skeleton t-shirts and red eyes, it is clear to see that Bella Kidman Cruise is her own person through and through.

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