Kim Kardashian styled her whip braids with leather top and skirt for that edgy vibe.

Remember your bad hair days when you would simply tie your hair in a tight braid because the other hairstyles would turn into a mess? Well, a sleeker and tighter version of that not-so-fashionable braid is now having a moment in fashion. Popularly known as the whip braid, style mavens like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B are making a case for this hairstyle.


“The reason why we call it the whip braid is because it looks like a tight whip. And to achieve the look you can first tie your hair in a ponytail and then apply invisible oil on the tail before making tight plaits. And to finally apply gel on the plait to give a sleeker look,” says hairstylist Suhansh Petwal.


This hairstyle suits certain people with certain face cuts and also one has to keep in mind the edginess of the look while styling.

“Whip braid looks best on diamond and oval face shapes. You can take cues from the fashionistas while opting for this hairdo. Whip braid can look more glamorous with body-hugging LBDs. Flowy and romantic dresses and gowns won’t go with this hairstyle. For that dominatrix vibe opt for winged eyeliner with the look,” suggests stylist Vikram Seth.


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