Indian spices work wonder for boosting immunity.

I have always been on the move. Thanks to my zeal to travel and the profession that I pursue. My day used to start early, with no fixed working hours. But I have always loved this. Busy days, constant work pressure and frequent travels had kept me occupied for most part of my life.

And then, there came pandemic. Everything came to a standstill. Like many people of the world, this was something I has never thought about. Just contrary to how I have lived for all my life, the pandemic and lockdown contained my movement. I had some massive international collaborations planned for this year, which got cancelled. I was shaken and demoralized.

It took me some time to realize and get used to the fact that coronavirus is here to stay, but the show must go on. Quitting was never an option for me. Long-term consistency beats short term intensity. I rebooted and bounced back. Eventually, I realized I have time to reconnect to myself. I started reading books, cooked some old family recipes and re-gained confidence.

I found out new aspects of sustainability. I baked without an oven, managed live session without any fancy equipment and cooked meals in small kitchen. I developed the art of managing all my work in limited resources and went back to the old-school techniques. My vigorous determination got fuelled when I was reached out by a US-based company to revive 150 recipes from my heartland. In the end, I comprehended that there’s more good than bad.

Change in the dining experience: Multiple restrictions were put in place in order to contain the transmission of Covid-19. States had to depend upon limited resources. What one had was their strength.

When I analyse the situations today, I believe quite a few modifications will get reflected in the times to come. Restaurants may cut short their menus. It is needless to say that health and hygiene will take prime positions in the priority list. Customers will expect more lucidity as far as kitchen sanitation is concerned. Buffet system of eating may be dodged.

Kitchen magic to our rescue: India is a land of spices. We already have some amazing spices lying around in our kitchen that work wonders for immunity build-up. Almost all of us are familiar with turmeric, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry etc. These basic spices can ward-off the evils of coronavirus.

Some items that I could highly recommend are fresh turmeric, holy basil, mint and dry nuts. Fresh turmeric contains an active compound called as curcumin which helps to control inflammation and is a very strong antioxidant. Holy basil, better known as tulsi, is rich in antioxidants which help in mitigating stress. Mint has menthol and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Along with a nutritious diet, a handful of dry nuts can boost your immunity.

I also advocate the consumption of warm water instead of ice-cold chilled water. One must try and develop the habit of drinking water that has some khada masala soaked in it. You can even make your boring plain rice better by adding some whole spices in it at the time of boiling.

All in all, what I learned from the pandemic is performing in challenging situation and finding strength in what you already have. Look around, there’s magic everywhere!

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