Soha Ali Khan deletes ‘Yoga at home’ video after brief fitness motivation

The festive month is over and while we can barely lift a finger forgets working out, Soha Ali Khan showed us how to get back into shape by turning to Yoga basics. From arm balances to backbends, Soha looked too flexible as she got back to her fitness routine after Diwali festivities and we while we were just gearing up to nail her workout moves, the diva deleted the video after brief fitness motivation

Taking to her Instagram handle, Soha had shared a timelapse video that gave fans a sneak-peek into her rigorous exercise session this Saturday at home. From inversions, twists, seated and standing poses to challenge poses and bandha techniques, Soha’s extensive Yoga workout covered everything from basic to advanced poses and we can’t wait to add the same to our list and enhance our practice.

Donning a casual pink tee paired with purple Yoga pants, Soha pulled back her hair in a high ponytail to keep her tresses off her face during the rigorous workout session. The video simply held a “Yoga at home” GIF that explained it all.

Soha swears by yoga for her physical fitness, even after delivering her daughter, Inaaya and started training with Kareena’s yoga instructor initially.


Given that Yoga is a comprehensive approach and about more than just losing weight and burning calories, Soha best enjoys ashtanga vinyasa form of it.


Often plagued by the hormonal imbalances, insomnia, migraines and circulatory problems, Soha turned to Yoga in 2012 after finding herself stiff and inflexible and her gym workout monotonous. Soha had shared in an interview earlier about how a series of ashtanga vinyasa poses flow smoothly into one another and leaves one feeling inexplicably exhausted and rejuvenated at the same time.

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