Shilpa’s fitness mantra to trigger love hormone, mood stabilizer

As we juggle work from home and indoor chores, personal leisure has gone for a toss this Covid-19 quarantine but Shilpa Shetty Kundra set us prioritizing self care amid responsibilities, with her detailed list of ‘Happiness chemicals and how to hack them’. Treading new waters, the Bollywood diva came up with ‘Shilpa ka mantra’ where she pushed fans to indulge in activities “that trigger our ‘happy hormones’”.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Shilpa has regularly been sharing fitness motivation for fans on a weekly basis but this week was different. Instead of taking netizens through step-by-step of Yoga poses, Shilpa penned, “It’s so simple to be happy, because if you have noticed… our happiness lies in the little things in life (sic).”

She added, “Being able to spend time with our loved ones, revisiting happy childhood memories, catching up with old friends, getting some sunlight, eating your favourite food, playing with a furry friend, taking care of yourself, ticking off a pending goal, or maybe just talking a walk & admiring the beauty of nature around us (sic).”

Asserting that such activities trigger our ‘happy hormones’, Shilpa encouraged fans to squeeze out time “to do what makes you happy even amid all your responsibilities and duties”. Catching us off-guard with her deep question, “What is the one thing that really makes you happy?” Shilpa listed out activities to stabilize our mood, trigger the love hormone, turn towards stressbusting or pain killing remedies and poke the ‘reward chemical.’

Check out Shilpa’s list here:


While many pay attention to their physical well-being, ‘Shilpa ka mantra’ served as a perfect guru for most of us who ignore our emotional fitness or mental health.

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