Shehnaaz Gill lost around12 kgs during the coronavirus lockdown.

Shehnaaz Gill is easily one of the most well-known, meme-worthy characters that came from season 13 of Bigg Boss. Her funny mannerisms and upfront personality won over practicall every person that watched her on screen, often making headlines for her antics. The Punjabi actor, who is also known as Punjab ki Katrina Kaif, has been making headlines once again thanks to her monumental weightloss during the coronavirus lockdown. The actor lost around 12 kgs in the past six months, and with no work outs at all. Bet that got your attention!

While most of us have been scrolling through social media, saving fitness videos that we will never open, Shehnaaz Gill has gone ahead and made the most of the coronavirus lockdown and lost a bunch of weight, as she wanted to show people that, “main bhi patli ho sakti hoon” (sic).

In an interview with ETimes TV, Shehnaaz shared that given that the coronavirus lockdown caused a lot of work to come to a standstill, she decided she would make the most of her time and lose weight as a lot of people made fun of her weight when she was in the Bigg Boss house, she said, “Kai log weight lose karte hain, maine socha chalo logon ko dikhati hoon ki main bhi patli ho sakti hoon. It’s not difficult to lose weight if you really want to.”

So how did she manage to pull it off? The Bigg Boss 13 contestant shared that all she did was cut down on some foods and portion control, with absolutely no workouts or exercise at all and managed to drop to 55 kgs now, from 67 kgs when she started in March. Shehnaaz stopped eating non-vegetarian food, chocolates and ice cream from her diet. She went on to explain that it was how she ate that made the difference, “Every day, I ate just one or two things. I wouldn’t stuff too much variety in my daily consumption of food. For example, if I ate dal and moong for lunch, I would eat the same for dinner. And I reduced the portions. If I was hungry for two rotis, I ate only one. Mann maarke khati thi…. I lost 12 kg in less than 6 months, but without doing any exercise. Just my restricted food consumption did the trick.”

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