Sharon Stone

Superimpose desi boho luxe with Hollywood royalty and you’ve got an inimitable winner. Global glamazon Sharon Stone recently picked a custom-made chiffon kaftan from Indian designer duo Saaksha & Kinni for her appearance at the Drew Barrymore Show. Looking chic and cheerful in the comfy chic ensemble, the Basic Instinct beauty offsets it with a pair of hoop earrings and a statement bracelet.      

Known for gravitating towards thigh-high slits and bold silhouette, Stone was a vision in this quintessentially-of-the-moment Indian look. 

“The opportunity to customise a look for Sharon Stone was humbling and super exciting. We wanted to make sure the kaftan represented India – in its print form, but also stay chic and sexy as she is so incredibly fit. We therefore added thigh high slits and made a short satin inner that could be worn separately too,” quips Saaksha.  

The chiffon kaftan took 72 hours to create and the whole garment was hand micro pleated with hand embroidered tassel embellishments.

“Sharon is vocal in her love for India, its craft and prints and so wanted a garment that would reflect all this. We are so thankful to have gotten both this opportunity and some amazing feedback from Sharon – she in fact wore this piece a day after it was delivered to her. And more importantly, excited that Indian craftsmanship and prints are being celebrated in a global arena and by some of the most influential people of our time,” says Kinni. 


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