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Shahid Kapoor’s post-cycling selfies are setting coronavirus lockdown fitness goals – fitness


Shahid Kapoor has always been a fitness fanatic, whether its ensuring he is always ripped in his real life or following some seriously crazy diets for his onscreen roles. The actor and his wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor, have often been spotted (before the lockdown) heading together to the gym. From having a strict exercise regimen, to having a healthy diet catering to his vegetarianism, Shahid ensures that he gets his fill of proteins and nutrients from a mix of low-fat tofu, paneer, soy, brown rice, quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables apart from amino acid rich foods. The actor to has taken to cycling, like most of us, amid the coronavirus pandemic, and his chiselled body on your social media feed will definitely motivate you to give up your couch potato status.


Shahid’s father, Pankaj Kapoor always insisted that the actor turn vegetarian, as per media reports, however, it was only when Shahid read the book Life Is Fair by Brian Hines, when he decided to convert to vegetarianism for the better.


A few years ago, Shahid also took help from celebrity chef Kelving Cheung of Bastian fame to help him with his diet plan. In an interview Kelvin said that Shahid’s lunch included a lot of greens in form of broccoli, kale and spinach, along with grains and protein-rich legumes were part of his lunch.


Shahid is known for having pulled some crazy diets and exercise routines for many of his roles on screen. For Padmaavat, Shahid followed a strict 40-day diet, where he ate small meals including sweet nuggets made of coconut milk, bowls of mango, etc. Since sugar has no nutritional value, Shahid cut out all artificial sugars, and limited his salt and sugar intake while preparing for Padmaavat. He also underwent an intense boot camp, as well as learned sword fighting and martial arts. However for his ripped and lean look in Udta Punjab, the actor took up functional training, body weight-training and cardio exercises.

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