Salma Hayek’s orange juice recipe with ‘secret ingredient’ for youthful look

Adding all the missing zest to our cosy winter morning, Frida actor Salma Hayek gave fans a rare glimpse of her London home while spilling the beans on her beauty and fitness secret for youthful appearance. Ageing like fine wine, Salma shared a video from her dining room that promised to give netizens a shot of energy and make their morning OG.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the 54-year-old star gave an insight into her routine as she sat in a denim shirt teamed with white tee, before a blender surrounded with eatables. The video opens by Salma sharing, “If you want your morning OJ to take you to the next step, and the next step and maybe the next step, here are some tips for you.”


Peeled oranges


Black pepper

Sea buckthorn

Method and benefits:

Add some peeled oranges in the blender as “they are such great source of Vitamin C”. Add a blob of turmeric as it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Blend them together to make your own orange juice. “For your body to absorb faster all the benefits of the turmeric, use a little bit of black pepper. It just makes it a lot more healthier,” Salma revealed. This combination makes your body absorb all the nutrients, the vitamins etc.

To make you more beautiful, add a puree of sea buckthorn. These berries from Himalaya are Salma’s secret ingredient as they are the richest source of omega 7 which are “great for your skin, for your hair, for your nails, for everything.”

Sea buckthorn also has 15 times the amount of Vitamin C that oranges have so “add a little beauty to your morning” with their addition to the juice. It does not have collagen but helps your body produce more of it.


The Mexican and American film actor concluded the video by pointing out, “It doesn’t taste that great, I mean it is not bad but it is a little bit too sour but a little goes a long way.” Setting fitness enthusiasts and fans on frenzy, the video instantly grabbed over 1.4 million views while still going strong.

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