Reviving the charm of postcard! - lifestyle

What if in the age of internet and instant messaging, you receive a postcard from a loved one. All that waiting, anticipation, old school way of expressing feelings can be experienced again and with a personalized touch.

In the era of digitalisation and fast-paced world, a 26-year-old girl from Delhi is trying to keep alive the forsaken glory of postcards. With a venture named Postcards of love, Dipti Sharma is spreading love in an oldfangled way. The hand-crafted, hand-painted and customised postcards can be shipped all over India. Starting at ₹499, Postcards of love offer a variety of designs to choose from.

Dipti says, “My inspiration to take up this initiative was to get in touch with older times, the times when joy, love, happiness – everything was unadulterated.” The proceeds from the sale of the postcards are often used for animal welfare and wildlife conservation efforts. Kudos to her initiative and idea!


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