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More and more people who’d started home workouts, are succumbing to complacency and gyms can be their only saviour

Updated: Aug 30, 2020 22:49 IST

Gyms in Mumbai have been out of operation for the past 5 months(Photo: Shutterstock)

Six months into the lockdown, be it for youngsters or professionals, the thoughts of mundane activities of the now bygone normal days are catching up with them. The excitement of hitting the gym, early morning, before going to work or college is being missed by everyone.

“I have tried to stay fit by working out at home. But I do miss the equipments and there’s only so much you can do at home,” says Devansh Shah, a management student. Prashant Sawant, a well-known celebrity trainer, agrees with this, when he says, “A lot of people do not have adequate space, the right environment, equipment’s or the right mind set to work out at home.” He adds that the environment matters a lot, too. The environment that a gymnasium provides cannot be recreated at home.


Alok Jain, a professional, who has been working from his home the past few months, reiterates this. “I stopped working out the way I used to two months ago. There is a feeling that I’ve lost interest. I wish the gyms here open up soon so that this laziness does not catch hold of me,” he says.


Nutritionist Maya Pereira feels “We need to try and sleep an hour or two earlier. As soon as you wake up either go for a walk or do a 15-20 minute basic workout at home and start making healthy choices when we are eating,” she cautions before adding that a lazy routine might just turn dangerous in the long run.


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