Kriti Sanon gives a hilarious explanation for nailing Yoga pose Viparita Shalabhasana

Come Monday and our social media feeds are flooded with Bollywood celebrities’ motivating workout sessions but we love Kriti Sanon for doing so with a tinge of humour. Giving netizens a sneak peek of her intense workout session at home, Kriti was seen nailing Yoga pose Viparita Shalabhasana and gave a hilarious explanation that had us in splits.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Kriti shared a picture featuring her in fuchsia pink tights and a black crop top with thread detailing at the back. Pulling back her hair in a top knot to keep them off her face, Kriti was seen in the middle of a robust exercise drill.

Lying down on her stomach, on a yoga mat, with her arms stretched out to the front and legs and thighs off the floor, Kriti resembled a flying super hero – Superman. She captioned the picture, “Measuring the length of my room (sic)” and fans could not help but double down with laughter.


While doing Viparita Shalabhasana or the reversed locust pose of Yoga it is important to make a gentle effort and stretch your arms and legs away from your torso, without bending your elbows and knees, instead of raising them farther. This exercise works on activates the glutes, adductors, hamstrings, and even calves while strengthening the shoulder, abdomen and spine muscles.

For all those working from home and spending long hours sitting in front of computer screens, this asana helps reduce the back pain and prevents any risk of injury in the shoulders, abdomen and spine areas. It keeps the back supple, improves blood circulation and could be a good workout for the abs and stomach.

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