Model: Navleen Singh (A model and television actor from Punjab)

  • Hair: Long and uneven length. Made wet with water, then pulled back and styled in place with a wide tooth comb.
  • Brows: Thick bushy brows.
  • Skin: Clean shaved with a light mid-day shadow stubble.
  • Others: Black high-neck zipper jacket left open to reveal a linked silver chain and a smooth defined chest.

The end of a year like this and the start of a promising new one, is reason enough to celebrate. Here’s how you can look and feel your best at the parties ahead:

The rules

-> Before you make a decision on what to wear – figure out the kind of party you are going to and what the occasion, place or your host demands. Most invites indicate a dress code – I suggest you follow this seriously.

1. If you are invited to a theme party, make the effort to go with the theme or don’t go at all.

2. It’s best to plan your look in advance, especially if you aren’t a regular on the party or social circuit. If you are going to pull out clothes or accessories from the back of your wardrobe, check that they are in order – that they fit you well still, are functional, look in top form and have been steam-ironed, polished, cleaned or repaired and altered as necessary.

-> Remember – a last minute look, always ends up looking like one.

3. On the grooming front, plan days (if not weeks) ahead – the haircut, hair colour and skin care regimes should all be done and completed well in advance. Reputed salons, good stylists and leading image consultants are always overbooked this time of the year and it’s best to use their services (and time) before everyone else decides to.

-> Never try a new treatment or product last-minute – it’s best to play safe and have time to deal with adverse reactions, should there be any at all.

The three looks

Christmas Eve: Semi-formal jackets, full-sleeve shirts/ tops, comfort-fit trousers, fitted pair of jeans, and closed laced shoes. Deep dark colours.

Christmas lunch: High-neck polos/ tops, printed shirts, leather or casual jackets, jeans, semi- formal trousers (chinos and cords) and closed suede or leather shoes. Light day or warm winter colours.

New Year’s Eve: Overcoats, leather jackets and trousers, slim-fit suits, dress shirts, ties, bows, slim belts, and glossy party shoes. A formal or trendy look in deep or dark evening colours.

The basics

Fabrics: I recommend rich, luxurious and sheen-based fabrics for party wear. The fabrics could be textured, have an embedded design or a prominent print or pattern. This way, your party wardrobe will look distinctly different from what you wear in the office or on a regular day or night out.

Colours: The classic party colours are black and white. More recently, it’s become acceptable to wear deep shades of grey, blue and brown. Based on your personality and skin tone, you may also wear a hint of jewel tones of purple, red, green and blue or metallics like silver, copper and gold.


Ties: Ties are ideal if you plan to go knotted up under a jacket or to want to simply jazz up a boring suit or shirt. Choose a slim and sleek design. You may go tone on tone or contrast the colour of your tie with your suit.

Belts: Suits need slim and simple formal belts. For jeans or casual trousers, you may wear belts that come fitted with studs, rivets and prominent buckles.

Face mask: Safety first. Ensure to pick and keep a mask ready – one that meets the health requirements as well as matches and coordinates with your all your looks.

The details

When you want to dress to impress, wear clothes and accessories that fit you well as well as allow ample movement. Unless you are sure that you can carry it off, I suggest you avoid wearing anything too flamboyant, drastic or radical.

1. Shirts: Formal and dressy shirts with sheen fabrics, short collars and sharp cuffs.

Tip: If you are wearing a jacket on top, about half an inch of the shirts cuff must be visible.

2. Full-sleeve tops: You can ‘dress down’ with a high collared polo-style full sleeve top or a turtleneck.

Tip: Front-open tops with zips will make you look younger and leaner.

3. Jackets: Wear multi-pocket jackets with single or three buttons. You can also wear short fitted jackets with a Mandarin collar.

Tip: Single-button jackets look good when they are made with soft luxurious fabrics.

4. Trousers: Tapered cuts and flat fronts are the way to go.

Tip: Avoid high-waist trousers as they can change the body’s proportions.

5. Shoes: High-gloss and round-tip shoes. The more reflective the surface looks, the better.

Slim styles (laces optional) are ideal to wear to a party

Groomed to perfection

My pick of the 10 best grooming products on store shelves now:

1.Anti-hairfall range by Vedix

The customised hair care products are based on your dosha

The brand offers customised hair care herbal products based on your Dosha profile. The anti-hair fall oil moisturises the hair and scalp, and penetrates deep into the hair follicles to stimulate growth. The hair-growth serum is quick absorbing, non-greasy and helps maintain the Ph balance of the scalp and adds lustre, sheen and body to the hair. The shampoo helps kill bacteria and remove oil and dirt from both the hair and scalp.

Product rating: 3 / 5

2.Thrill Fiber Gum by Schwarkpf Professional

The product is perfect for long hair lengths

The product is perfect for long hair lengths

The fibre consistency of this amazing styling product allows you to style your hair and add definition to it. The gum has a strong hold and can be used both on dry and slightly damp hair.Perfect for medium to long hair lengths and when you want to create styles with texture or layers.

Product rating: 5 / 5

3.Line-reducing Concentrate by Kiehls

The serum contains Vitamin C which penetrates skin’s seeper surface layers

The serum contains Vitamin C which penetrates skin’s seeper surface layers

This serum boosts radiance, helps firm skin, visibly diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, tightens and minimises pores and result in smoother and younger looking skin. Contains Vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties and penetrates skin’s deeper surface layers. Needs to be used continuously for about two to three weeks to show effective results.

Product rating: 5 / 5

4.Soft Skin Shaving Kit by The Body Shop

This smooth and soothing maca root and aloe softening shaving cream comes enriched with organic aloe vera. It left my skin nick-free, even during a ‘heavy-duty’ shave and feeling soft and hydrated for hours. The set comes with an old-fashioned shaving brush, which helps build the lather. Makes the shaving process a bit time consuming but take my word for it, the experience is a lot more enjoyable.

Product rating: 4/5

5.The Charcoal Shaving Foam by Bombay Shaving Company

This shaving set comes with an old-fashioned shaving brush

This shaving set comes with an old-fashioned shaving brush

This grey-coloured foam has aloe vera, oats and olive oil, which ensures you don’t have a post-shave itch or any irritation thereafter. Ensures a smooth glide and delivers a close shave while leaving the skin feeling both soft and supple. The shaving foam is alcohol, SLES, and paraben-free, and feels very good on the skin.

Product rating: 5 / 5

6.Fillerina lip contour cream by Labo

This lip filler works best if you massage gently as it absorbs more

This lip filler works best if you massage gently as it absorbs more

This self-use cream has been formulated for lips and lip contouring and has a densifying, filler effect. Especially useful if you have thin lips and want to make them look fuller. Apply in the morning or in the evening onto the whole lip area, then massage gently for better absorption. Follow the usage instructions carefully and ensure to drink two glasses of water before each application.

Product rating: 4/5

7.SPF 50 Sunscreen by Re’equil

The sunscreen has an SPF of 50 and works for oily and acne-prone skin

The sunscreen has an SPF of 50 and works for oily and acne-prone skin

This broad-spectrum sunscreen has a SPF of 50 and has been formulated for oily and acne-prone skin.Has an ultra-light and non-greasy feel and requires a single and thin application.The brand claims a six-hour protection, but I suggest a reapplication after about four hours, especially if you are spending a long day out in the sun – at the beach or a high-altitude location.

Product rating: 3/5

8.Camphor Body Scrub By Homemade By Nina

This all-natural home and handmade body scrub is made with camphor, Pink Himalayan salt, cold pressed coconut oil and baking soda. Should be used on a wet body in the shower. Helps exfoliate trouble spots including the ankles, knuckles and knees. Avoid if you have very sensitive skin and do not use the product for a few days after any hair removal.

Product rating: 4 / 5

9.Shea Butter Bath Soap by Bombay Shaving Company

The coconut husk exfoliates and removes blackheads while unclogging pores

The coconut husk exfoliates and removes blackheads while unclogging pores

This handmade and natural soap is made with shea butter and coconut husk. The coconut husk exfoliates and removes blackheads while unclogging pores, while shea butter adds moisture and nourishment to the skin. Suitable for dry / normal skin

Product Rating: 4 / 5

10.Soft Nirvana Body Lotion by Nourish Mantra

This lotion helps lock moisture, nourish and hydrate the skin

This lotion helps lock moisture, nourish and hydrate the skin

This post-shower body lotion ensures your skin feels smooth to touch. Has a fresh fragrance and contains ethically-sourced therapeutic botanicals of tamarind, gotu kola and Indian ginseng – all of which help lock moisture, nourish and hydrate the skin. Needs a heavy application but works very effectively.

Product rating: 4 / 5

The author is an image, style and grooming consultant and trainer

From HT Brunch, December 6, 2020

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