Lalit Chaudhary, a banker and model from Chandigarh

  • Hair: Super short on the sides with medium length spikes on top.
  • Brows: Natural and bushy.
  • Skin: Smooth and blemish free.
  • Lips: Thin and narrow.
  • Body: Smooth; the hair was removed.

Four fashion garments you must have in your wardrobe this season:

1.The Full Sleeve Top

Long sleeve tops are a must have. Wear them on their own or under a casual jacket. Choose between round necks or V-necks.

Go for solid neutral colours like white, blackand grey. This gives you the added advantage of wearing them with just about everything in your wardrobe. In terms of fit, keep in mind that the shoulders do not droop and the cuffs end at your wrist, not on your palm.

Style Tip: Ensure the fabric has a slight element of stretch to give you a more fitted and body hugging look.

Do away with: Cut sleeve t-shirts, vests and singlet.

2.The Chikan Embroidered shirt

It’s a revival of sorts and thankfully with a more local style influence – chikan embroidered shirts in stark colours like black and white. Chikan shirts are easy to find just about anywhere.

Simpler and more basic styles can be worn for casual wear while the dressier and crisper ones can be used for semi formal or evening wear.

Style Tip: Choose a shirt that has sharp collars and cuffs (which you can turn up if you want to) and an overall silhouette that is fitted and sharp, but yet comfortable.

Do away with: The short or long kurta.

3.The Casual & Semi Formal Jacket

Casual jackets with a subtle influence from the ’60s and ’70 s are a strong trend this season. For casual wear you can go with denim jackets (like the ones from the ’80s). For semi formal or formal wear, pick a relaxed fit collarless jacket that has either three or four buttons.

Checks, pin stripes and textured solids will work for this somewhat dandy look (if done right). Stick to sober tones of beige, grey, olive and brown – either on their own or as checks and stripes that gently contrast with each other.

Style Tip: Use elements like piping and contrasting coloured buttons to lend a more vintage / period look and feel.

Do away with: Waistcoats

4.The Straight Fit Trouser

Trousers are an evergreen commodity for menswear, but rarely make much news. Early winter trends indicate the return of straight fit and flat front trousers with side pockets. You can wear these to work, a cocktail party or a dressy night out around town.

Day colours include earth tones – beige, brown, steel grey and olive green. For the evening or night, opt for deep shades of blue, dark grey, dark brown and black. Keep the pockets clear of mobile phones and wallets that may alter the fall and silhouette of your trouser.

Style Tip: Choose a pair with fewer slim loops for the belt and a flat slim zipper.

Do away with: Flared trousers and those with pleats.

Your Pre-Winter Style Essentials:


-Stretch materials on long sleeve tops and t-shirts to wear just about anytime and anywhere.

-Lightweight, coarse and textured fabrics for casual jackets and semi formal wear.

-Soft, rich and textured fabrics for dressy shirts and formal suits.

-Treated and aged materials for casual trousers, jeans and casual shirts.

Cut & Silhouette

-Layer in abundance – wear full sleeve tops and t-shirts under shirts and casual jackets.

-Fitted look for semi formal and formal wear.

-A relaxed fit for trousers, lowers and casual wear.

-Sharp cuts on all collars and cuffs excluding casual jackets.

-Straight and fitted trousers with side pockets for work, casual and formal wear.


-Round tip shoes for formal and semi formal wear.

-Crocodile skin texture and fake leather are strong.

-Boots and ankle length shoes for casual wear.

-Canvas and cloth shoes for home wear.

-Broad leather belts with chunky buckles in tan, brown and black.

-Large chunky watches in metal and leather.

-Slim and solid coloured ties.

-Silver over gold for jewellery like ear studs, chains and bracelets.

Two Style Factors For The Season


Multi pocket fleece jacket by UNIQLO

Fleece is the fabric of the season and for good reason: it’s soft, light and gives you just enough warmth and protection to keep you feeling snug and easy. The fleece range from UNIQLO’s autumn / winter 20 collection comes in the season’s distinct deep and muted colour palette of rust, brown and beige.

The range has a slightly retro and vintage look. I personally like the functionality of the designs and the effort made by the brand to make the collection as sustainable as possible. This can be done by mixing and matching garments together to create different and varying wearable looks.

2.Sterile Fabric Masks



I am completely for technology and innovation for both clothes and accessories. Pre-winter pollution levels are on the rise and the need for protection from the virus means you need a face mask that offers the best safety standards.

Livinguard is the first company in the world to empower textiles and other materials with self-disinfecting properties. Their masks come with protective layering and are available in a varied colour palette of black, blue, burgundy and olive – to match the dominant colour of your wardrobe.

Product rating: 5/5


During the transition from autumn to winter, you need to address skin issues like the build-up of excessive oil, especially on the face, as well as removing dead skin from the body and getting it winter ready. The following products will help with your skin care regime:


Pore refining face toner by Re’equil

Pore refining face toner by Re’equil

The pore refining toner by Re’equil contains nine botanical extracts and is extremely effective. An alcohol-free toner like this one should be used twice or thrice a week to remove surface dirt as well as oil deposits in the pores of the skin. This helps reduce and prevents acne and other skin breakouts.

Usage: Apply on a cotton ball and then wipe the face, excluding the area around the eyes.

2. Cleanser

Pore refining toner by RE’EQUIL

Pore refining toner by RE’EQUIL

This cleanser helps remove oil, impurities, bacteria and particulate matter and leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and supple. Substitutes for soap and is formulated without soap and parabens.

Usage: Daily

3. Body Scrub & Body Butter

Volcanic Lava Ash Body Scrub by PILGRIM

Volcanic Lava Ash Body Scrub by PILGRIM

Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Butter by PILGRIM

Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Butter by PILGRIM

The combo volcanic ash body scrub and shea & cocoa butter body butter by PILGRIM are my recommended ‘in shower’ and ‘post shower’ pre-winter grooming products. The scrub seems dry but develops a creamy but granular texture when it comes in contact with wet skin. I used it to remove dead surface skin and to specifically target the elbows, knuckles and knees. It left my skin feeling buffed and polished. After a thorough rinse and wipe, I applied the body butter which did not feel either greasy or sticky and left the skin with a smooth and even texture. Both products are made mostly with natural extracts and are suitable for all skin types.

Tip: Use the scrub sparingly if you have very sensitive or acne prone skin.

Product Highlight: The scrub contains volcanic ash from Jeju island in Korea, which is known to be effective in relieving fatigue as well as preventing and treating skin diseases.

Product Rating: 4/5

The author is an Image, Style & Grooming consultant & trainer

From HT Brunch, October 25, 2020

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