Masaba Gupta works out after being diagnosed with slip-disc

Acute ache in the lower back is catching up fast with youngsters and while it often gets better on its own, run to a doctor if lasts more than three months which is what designer-actor Masaba Gupta did. Recovering from a slip-disc, Masaba served the perfect fitness motivation for fans this week as she hit the grind while being “scared of getting onto a treadmill” but enjoying “both healthy and unhealthy foods in balance”

Taking to her Instagram handle, the Masaba Masaba star shared a video which gave netizens a sneak-peek into her intense workout session. Having “spent over month and a half in immense pain” in her lower back, the diva shared about consulting four doctors when finally she was diagnosed with a slip disc.

Dressed in a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts with hair pulled up in a top knot to keep them off her face, Masaba was seen sweating it out on a treadmill. “But I’m good – recovering well”, she shared and added, “I was scared of getting onto a treadmill after a long strength session…but I did & it felt great !!! (sic).”

Inspiring fans to hit the grind regularly, Masaba asserted, “It was so east to lie in bed & sulk but YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING!!! YOU GOTTA KEEP MOVING however slow it is (sic).” Revealing herself to be a pescatarian, which is a term for those who eat fish but no other meat, Masaba concluded by sharing, “I continue to be a pescatarian &enjoy both healthy & unhealthy foods in balance (sic).”

Masaba recently returned from a rejuvenating trip to the Maldives and flooded the Gram with pictures that were a treat to sore eyes.

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