Malaika Arora shows how to effortlessly nail Yoga’s ‘miracle asana’ - side plank

Looking for an exercise that has both physical and psychological benefits? Search no further as Malaika Arora challenges fitness enthusiasts into Vasisthasana or Yoga’s side plank pose this week to “cultivate a feeling of universal love and acceptance”.

Taking to her Instagram handle, as per her weekly routine, Malaika was seen sharing tips to arrive at another Yoga asana and its benefits. Donning a blue and white striped sports bra teamed with a pair of black Yoga pants, the Bollywood diva pulled back her tresses into a low pony tail to keep them off her face during her rigorous workout session.

“Namaste Everyone! Let’s get the new week started with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek – Vasisthasana(Side Plank Pose),” Malaika wrote in the caption. Sharing her insights about this exercise, Malaika revealed, ”This pose is a miracle asana, which helps in both physical and psychological benefits. It stretches and strengthens the back, opening the chest, shoulders and throat. And it cultivates a feeling of universal love and acceptance (sic).”


Start with the high plank pose of Yoga. Keep your wrist under your shoulders and you’re your toes strong. Turn your body to the left side and shift your body weight on your left palm and left foot.

Take your right hand over your head and try to take your left leg straight, in front off the floor and keep it before your waistline. Look towards your left palm, hold for a few breaths and release the posture.



Vasisthasana or the side plank works on the muscles that run along your core’s side. These muscles are called obliques and strengthening them through side plank pose can help improve your posture, protect the spine and reduce the risk of back injuries.

Apart from improving a sense of balance, side plank exercise also stretches your wrists and strengthens them along with your arms, legs and belly. So, did you try out Vasisthasana today?

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