Malaika Arora gets day of the week wrong? Shares new Yoga challenge

The back-to-back festivities have surely made us lazy as we gorge on scrumptious traditional platters but giving us the much-needed boost to hit the grind this week is Malaika Arora, with her new fitness challenge. Dropping her Yoga “move of the week” on social media, Malaika was seen nailing Eka Pada Rajakapotasana and challenging fans into trying the same one legged king pigeon pose for some “mind calming meditations” amid festive preparations and celebrations.

Taking to her Instagram handle on Tuesday, Malaika shared a picture giving fans a glimpse of her intense workout session but got the day of the week wrong as one of the hashtags read “#mondaymotivation”. While some might consider it as absence of mind, it could be that since Malaika has been throwing in a new fitness challenge every Monday of the Covid-19 quarantine under the same hashtag, she opted to still do so to maintain the continuity.

Malaika shared in the caption, “Namaste The coming festivities have already filled us with joy and accelerated our morale. This feeling when integrated with some physical exercise and mind calming meditations does just the right for our body to stay fit while we feel the immense happiness within us. So join along and let’s get started with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek (sic).”

Before sharing the method of reaching the new pose, Malaika added, “Today’s pose is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Variation also know as King Pigeon Pose (sic).”


From downward dog pose of Yoga, bring your left leg forward, crossover it and sit on your left thigh with the heel of your left foot touching your right hip. Exhale and bend forward while extending your hands at the front with the chest resting on your left thigh.

Inhale and stretching back your hands, lift your torso. Bend the right leg to bring the right foot in towards the torso and hook the right foot in the right elbow.

Rollback your shoulders away from the ears and bring up the left arm near the ear. To grasp the left hand, you can use a strap. Gaze in front and focus on a point while holding the pose for a few minutes before releasing the posture.

Malaika concluded by writing, “Stay fit while you dive in to Celebrate! (sic).”


This one legged king pigeon pose is an effective hip opener exercise which also stimulates the internal organs, stretches deep glutes, groins and psoas which is a long muscle on the side of human body’s vertebral column and pelvis. Apart from helping with urinary disorders, this Yoga asana relieves impinged piriformis and alleviates sciatic pain.

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