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Malaika Arora does Adho Mukha Kapotasana and asks fans to bow heads in gratitude – fitness

Malaika does Adho Mukha Kapotasana

Every week, Malaika Arora shares a new Yoga asana with her followers on Instagram in an attempt to urge them to stop being lazy and exercise. Lately, a lot of celebrities have been quite vocal about their love for this form of fitness but Malaika Arora and Yoga go back a long way. The actor has often said that Yoga is not just about getting a leaner or toned body, it is a way of life for her.

And that is why the actor shares a new asana every week along with the step-by-step process to do it and its benefits. This week, the asana that she shared was Adho Mukha Kapotasana aka the downward facing pigeon pose. She posted an image of herself nailing the asana and asked everyone to remember and bow their heads in gratitude and for all that one has received.

Malaika shared the awe-generating image with the caption, “Namaste Everyone! Let’s ring in the new week with a new pose #MalaikasMoveOftheWeek – Adho Mukha Kapotasana (Downward Facing Pigeon Pose). This pose is a reminder that some days we must bow our heads in gratitude and thank the cosmos for all that we receive. It is one of my favourite hip openers that not only provides a deep stretch to the body but it is also a great reliever of lower back pain (sic).”


Steps to do the Adho Mukha Kapotasana:

From the downward dog pose, bring your left leg forward, crossover the leg and sit on your left thigh. Your left heal should be touching your right hip.

Exhale and bend forward extending your hands in front and your chest resting on your left thigh.

Hold for a few breaths and release the posture. Repeat the steps with the right leg.

Benefits of the asana:

It is a great stretch for the entire body and it also is recommended as a lower back pain reliever by Malaika Arora.

Did you exercise today?

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