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Working from home during the coronavirus has proven to be a lot more stressful than most of us imagined, and with more flexibility in working hours, more and more people are working during the nights too. Whether you’re on the overnight shift or once again ‘accidentally’ found yourself working long hours to compensate, or find yourself overworking simply to bide the time, you may find yourself often finding it hard to sleep. Prolonged hours in front of the screen may be wreaking havoc on your sleeping patterns, and all the uncertainty because of the pandemic is definitely not helping, but you’re not alone. Several studies have found changes in sleeping patterns of people across the world amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, the solution given by a sleep expert sounds pretty simple.

In an interaction with, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a renowned physiologist, sleep expert and bestselling author of several books about sleep, shared how shifts can wreak havoc on one’s body, and how one can ensure that they optimise their work-life balance in order to be well-rested. She said, “Shifts can wreak havoc on the body, so you need to really optimise your rest, activity, nutrition and sleep. To do this, make sure you really get that water intake up during the shifts, and, when coming off shift, focus on ‘resting’ rather than pressure to ‘sleep’. I would also recommend a good all-purpose multivitamin, just to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients.”

Dr Nerina added, “It is much better if you can get into bed when you’re resting, so try to head there rather than napping on the couch if you can. Black out blinds are a great idea, and white noise, such as a fan, might help you to sleep more deeply.” The doctor also advised that is beneficial if one exercises despite working night shifts as it is important to stay active, she also added that getting a lot of natural light (directly from the sun) would help one in resetting their body clock.

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