Kamala Harris’ ‘hearty breakfast’ suggestion for women, favourite Indian dishes

Born to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother, Kamala Harris has left little girls dreaming big after she was elected as the first Indian-origin and first Black woman Vice President of the United States of America. Ahead of the declaration of final results of the presidential elections in the US, Kamala had answered some questions asked by Instagram users, a video which is now grabbing eyeballs as the Indian-American spilled the beans on her lifestyle choices including her favourite North Indian and South Indian dishes, what she eats for breakfast and how she took care of her mental health on the campaign trail.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Kamala had shared the video captioned, “You asked, I answered (sic).” When asked what she is doing to take care of her mental health on the campaign trail, Kamala answered, “I work out every morning, FaceTime with all the kids in my life, I love to cook when I am able and I’m actually also teaching Doug how to cook.” She added while laughing, “Although, that may not be good for my mental health.”

For all the women taking her as a role model and looking up to her, Kamala advised, “You never have to ask anyone permission to lead. I have in my career been told many times, ‘It’s not your time’, ‘It’s not your turn’. Let me just tell you, I eat ‘no’ for breakfast. So, I would recommend the same. It’s a hearty breakfast.”

Finally answering the most speculated question about her favourite Indian dish, Kamala shared, “South Indian, it would be idli with like really good sambar. North Indian, probably any kind of tikka.”


Kamala Harris’ mother Shyamala Gopalan is a cancer biologist who migrated to the US from Tamil Nadu in India. It was her who instilled in Kamala a “love for good idli” as the later herself revealed earlier while reflecting on her proud Indian heritage. Kamala’s father, Donald J Harris, is an economist who moved to the US from Jamaica and it was at Oakland in California where Kamala was born on October 20 in 1964.

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