Through the years, Ayushmann has given us a look into just how much a simple suit can be played with.

Ayushmann Khurrana proves he is a fashion icon, no matter what style he chooses to wear. Whether it is his not-so-subtle taste in casuals or completely unique and often extravagant formals; it is next to impossible to ignore the Gulabo Sitabo actor whenever he chooses to make an appearance. Ayushmann has quickly risen through the ranks and become one of the biggest stars of our time. Not just through his extraordinary talents in the music and acting fields but also through his singular, out-of-the-box fashion style. In appreciation of that, let’s take a look into some of his best formal get-ups in recent years.

Through the years, Ayushmann has given us a look into just how much a simple suit can be played with. Printed blazers have become a massive trend nowadays, and a lot of celebrities donned them to red carpet events and award shows before the world became ravaged with the on-going pandemic. It is Ayushmann Khurrana, though, who has set the standard in men’s formal clothing.


Ayushmann Khurrana has proved time and time again that thinking of men’s fashion as limited is a myth. With the variety of prints and colours that he includes in his attires and those that are styled for him are a testament of the fact that fashion can be an extension of one’s personality and not simply clothing.


Experimenting with various types of clothing and unique pairings is what really sets Ayushmann apart from the rest of the people in the fashion world. He pulls off athleisure wear and fluorescent clothing with just as much panache as formal suits. Even in the most simple of suits, Ayushmann makes it a point to accentuate it with a unique tie, to add a pop of colour to his ensemble or even to show-off a funky print.


There aren’t many people in the fashion world who can pull off a fluorescent green suit even half as well as Ayushmann does. Even vintage suits are not a miss on a man of his calibre.


Whether he is dressed up in a gangster suit with dangling chains and a yellow coat or in an all-white suit with a cape, it is clear to see, no one does formal fashion the way Ayushmann Khurrana does it.

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