Brushing aside our mid-week blues in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Bollywood star Rakul Preet Singh gave a glimpse of her morning yoga session and our motivation to hit the grind is lit. The diva not only gave fans a sneak-peek into her morning meditation but also shared the key to make “the soul speak”.

Rakul showed her 15.5 million followers on Instagram how she connects with her inner universe when she is not indulging in an intense workout session. Taking to her handle on the photo-sharing app, the De De Pyaar De star shared a picture featuring her sitting in a half lotus Yoga pose or Ardha Padmasana.

Donning a black sports bra teamed with grey yoga pants, Rakul sported a loose bun as she sat against the wall with her eyes closed and a look of deep concentration on her face. The caption elaborated, “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak #meditation is connecting with your inner universe! GOOD MORNING (sic).” 

Since a lotus pose or Padmasana is not readily accessible to many practitioners, especially for people with tricky knees, half lotus is pretty comfortable and a good substitute of yoga’s most iconic postures. It opens the hips and stretches the feet and ankles.

To promote a meditative state, breathe in and out deeply through your nose during this pose and switch legs by spending equal amounts of time with the opposite positioning. Apart from stretching the muscles around the pelvis, legs and ankles, the purpose of half lotus is also to calm the mind for meditation and is restorative.

This pose helps promote good posture and maintains flexibility in one’s gluteal muscles along with the deep rotator muscles of hips. Since any vigorous activity like running can tighten the piriformis, half lotus pose helps in stretching it.

The piriformis can also be tightened due to inactivity by sitting too much. Half lotus yoga pose is also useful if one has symptoms of sciatica.

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