Kulfi with a whiskylicious twist

Desserts are to the festive season, what crackers are to Diwali. Classic or traditional are great but creative culinary minds have been experimenting with timeless recipes and producing some delish desserts. Chef Anas, Molecule, says, “Desserts can be a lot of fun with amalgamation of different techniques and ingredients. An interplay of Indian and Modern desserts are delicious, creative yet at the same time satiates right taste buds.”

From Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake to Jalebi Pizza to Baileys Kulfi, this festive season is all about innovative fusion desserts. Amit Bagga, Daryaganj, who created the iconic kulfi with liqueur says, “We wanted to create a kulfi with a flavour variation that was never seen before but at the same time possessed an exceptional taste.”

A perfect balance of traditional authentic Kulfi embellished with a modern ingredient like Baileys, provides an elevated and flavourful experience.

For Chef Anas, Kulfi Panna Cotta, is a modern take on a very old classic street summer Indian dessert. He says, “A patron once was craving the traditional ice cream with gulab jamun. Instead of the banal dish, we offered him our patent Kulfi Panna Cotta and he loved it and till date, asks for it.”

The perception of Indian desserts for food aficionados is very different. And the eateries are working overtime to think out of the box ideas and give an opportunity to food lovers to devour innovative deliciousness.

For Zorawar Kalra’s Farzi cafe focuses on gourmet dining and creates a new interpretation of classic dishes that are perfectly textured and flavoured.

Overwhelmingly intense, light and balanced, no single component dominates the other in these fusion desserts, it’s all about amalgamation of the best possible ingredients. Are you already drooling, hold on, there’s more!

Kulfi Panna Cotta

Saffron and pistachio flavoured Panna Cotta with falooda noodles, soaked basil seeds and homemade rose syrup is what constitutes Chef Anas’s Kulfi Panna Cotta. A classic combination of an Italian dessert and the Indian kulfi falooda!


Jalebi Pizza

An Italian pizza with toppings of jalebi and rabri? For Chef Rajesh Prasad , a perfect sweet pizza with the most interesting combination of Rabri and Jalebi on a bread crust is the perfect example of Modern Indian Dessert.


Chocolate Mushroom Belgian Praline

Who doesn’t love mushrooms and when they are loaded with chocolate, that sure is love at first sight! Chef Amit Singh’s praline is in the shape of a mushroom with a mousse texture stuffed with rum balls made with Belgium chocolate, Philadelphia cheese and elle and vire cream. That sure is a delight! Dig in!

Kulfi with a whiskylicious twist

A plethora of flavours in one bite, Chef Deep Chand’s kulfi is a chic and contemporary take on the traditional dessert. With the first bite one can taste the Kulfi with a finish of popular creamy liqueur, Baileys.


Ras Malai Tres Leches

A creative mashup of Ras malai and Tres Leche cake. The sponge cake is soaked with saffron and cardamom flavoured three milk and then topped with carrot cream and rose petal net.


Balushahi Cheesecake

Lemon custard tart with a raspberry splash with Bailey’s lollipop coupled with Balushai and a signature chocolate Dirt pile and not to forget the milk custard and cookie dough essence makes for this stunning cheesecake.


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