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Gomukhasana: Esha Gupta bids our Monday blues goodbye with her picture of Yoga asana – fitness


There is no better way to beat the Monday blues hollow than to indulge in some meditation and Bollywood diva Esha Gupta attempted a complex one when it came to the Yoga asana. Giving fans a glimpse of her intense workout session, Esha made the Internet’s jaws drop in awe as she shared a picture of her meditative pose.

Finding “profound peace” while attempting a variation of Gomukhasana, Esha made sure that fans couldn’t help but mark it as their Monday motivation to grind. Used for meditation, the modern Yoga exercise is also called cow face pose and is performed while sitting.

Gomukhasana is a part of hatha yoga which helps in building stability. Though it is a great stretch, the pose is calming.

Dressed in an all-black athleisure-wear, Esha was seen sitting with her head touching her knee and only a messy bun visible to the camera. Sitting on a yoga mat, Esha flaunted the complex pose as her one arm reached down behind her back to clasp the other one between the shoulder blades while her legs were placed over each other in a criss cross manner.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Esha shared the picture with an Om symbol in the caption. Quoting Amish Tripathi, Esha wrote, “Sometimes, simple faith could lead to profound peace.”

The fans flooded the comments section with heart-eyed emojis and we don’t blame them. Which is your favourite asana?

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