Donald Trump (left) before and at his most recent public appearance (right).

Donald Trump may still be in the Oval Office as the current President of the United States, but the United States and most of the world have accepted the Democratic Party’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the new residents of the White House after seeing the projections of the United States Presidential election results that favoured the Democratic party. And like his denial of global warming, climate change, white supremacy, homophobia (his own) and racism, Donald Trump seems to be in denial of his defeat too. The former President, who managed to run only for one term in office, has tried everything to strong-arm his way hoping it will lead to a win, be it making tall claims about voter fraud which has resulted in more than two dozen court cases, all of which he lost, demanding a recount, and even smearing his disturbed thoughts about the same all over Twitter in capital letters, “He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!” To which President elect, Joe Biden responded that Trump’s refusal to concede is an “embarrassment” and “will not help his (presidential) legacy”.


However, other than a few statements he made in his first public address, in the White House Rose Garden on the Covid-19 pandemic, on Friday after losing the elections, there was another tell-tale admission that Trump made which revealed that on some level, he has accepted defeat. His attention-grabbing golden-yellow straw-coloured hair had gone from being styled and dyed to Trump-fection to a sorry sparse, hairdo that for once made Trump look like a weak and disappointed old man. While the 45th President of the United States refused to concede, in his speech that aired on C-Span, he did seem to be unsure of the administration that would take control of the Oval Office in the coming weeks while talking about not going into lockdown on account of the coronavirus. He said, “Ideally we won’t go to a lockdown. I will not go – this admin will not be going to a lockdown. Hopefully whatever happens in the future, who knows which admin it will be… I can tell you this admin will not go to a lockdown.” And much like most of his addresses, Trump left without answering any questions from the reporters present, most of whom were yelling, “When will you admit you lost the election, sir?”


Trump’s hair is easily one of the most talked about aspects of the television personality and business mogul, be it the way it flies wildly as he gets off a helicopter, plane or makes a public speech, or that incredibly awkward moment when Jimmy Fallon gave his hair a proper muss, or how most people believe that he wears a toupee, a fact he vehemently denies, and most recently an investigation by the New York Times, that revealed how Trump wrote off a $70,000 charge on personal hairstyling “for television” as business expense in 2016, allegedly during his The Apprentice days.


So you know his heart must be truly broken when the man who invests $70,000 on his hair shows up on your screens looking like he’s aged several years overnight, all thanks to his suddenly silver hair that once used to be a boastful blonde. Twitter users couldn’t help but notice Trump sporting the heartbreak hairdo, and some even joked that while he did not concede his hair dye did. Here are some interesting takes that people have as to why Trump went silver fox so soon after his defeat, from trying to look more dignified to colouring his hair to match the fact that he won second place, read on their hilarious takes:






However, this isn’t the first time that Trump’s hair hasn’t been blonder like usual, back in March of this year Trump had left his hair undyed for a press briefing about the coronavirus pandemic, and according to a report in Vogue this was “just his latest political tactic.” The report explained, “One Twitter user theorized that Trump was seeking a more dignified look for the 2020 race, which would certainly align with his brazen political strategizing in the face of a global crisis.”

What’s funnier is that there is a parody Twitter account dedicated to the President’s hair with the handle @TrumpsHair, the bio of which reads, “HOTUS (Hair of the United States),” and continues, “The only real Twitter account of Trump’s hair. All others are #FakeHair. I’m on top of the man who is on top of the world.”

Interestingly, most people did think that Trump’s change of hair colour was intentional as nothing he ever does isn’t, while most joked that he was hoping to confuse the American public by pretending to be Joe Biden. What do you think of Trump’s silver mane, and what could be the cause for it?

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