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Esha Gupta flaunts washboard abs in new pic, shares snippets from extreme Yoga session – fitness

Esha flaunts washboard abs in new pic, shares snippets from Yoga session

Quite a few celebrities are vocal about their love for Yoga and Esha Gupta is one of them. The actor can do Yoga asanas like no other celebrity and it is no secret. Esha does some of the most difficult asanas with the utmost ease and leaves us speechless on a regular basis. How do we know this? Take one look at her Instagram account and you will know too.

The actor recently shared a video in which she can be seen doing various stretches that work on all parts of the body. Esha first started with the Tadasana aka the Mountain Pose and moved on to stretch her right arm and right foot. From that, she shifted on to the Trikonasana aka the Triangle pose. This asana is great for strengthening the hamstrings.


The actor then did another simple stretch which was succeeded by the Runners Lunge pose that helps with the stability of the body. For the next step, Esha did the Adho Mukha Svanasana aka the Downward-Facing Dog pose. This asana is a great stretch for your entire body. She finally completed the set with Urdhva Mukha Svanasana aka the Upward Facing Dog and this yoga pose strengthens the back muscles and aligns the spine.

For the session, the Rustom actor wore a black halter-neck sports bra and teamed it with a pair of beige baggy pyjamas. Esha left her long hair down for the video. The actor flaunted her lean figure and captioned the clip, “Some days are to flow (sic).” This video made us want to get up and exercise.

Esha shared another image showing off her washboard abs which are a result of the rigourous yoga sessions. For the image, she wore a T-shirt and tucked it in a way that flaunted her lean figure.


Check out some of the other fitness posts shared by Esha:


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