Flaky skin as a result of using store bought sanitiser has become a major problem that city residents have been facing amid the pandemic. With Unlock 4.0 en route, the use of sanitisers in office spaces, malls and restaurants has only increased, with guards dumping large amounts of it in hands of all visitors.

An implication of this problem has citizens making DIY sanitisers at home that are skin friendly and moisturising! “The 18% increase in GST, along with the nearby shop usually running out of stock propelled me to make a sanitiser that is not only more skin friendly but has moisturising benefits also,” says Neha Bindal, a Delhiite. She made her own sanitiser at home. “I mixed tea tree oil with witch hazel (that can be ordered online), vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel (taken from the plant in house) and voila! A sanitiser with moisturising properties is ready,” she says.

City mums, who have young kids at home, are preferring to make alcohol free sanitisers. “I took vinegar, which is known as an effective antibacterial agent, and mixed it with few drops of lavender oil to mask the smell. I gave my kids their individual spray bottles,” says Himanshi Puri, a Gurugram resident.

Denizens are also using, rubbing alcohol to make a moisturising sanitiser. “Home made sanitisers are good, as long as you balance the alcohol percentage with skin friendly ingredients. I used 99% rubbing alcohol and mixed it with aloe vera gel and citrus essential oil. And it turned out skin friendly,” says Thunlai Brhama, another Delhiite.


Even social media and TV is inspiring some to make Ayurvedic sanitisers. “I was following a yoga teacher on social media who said that to make a sanitiser, one needs water, neem leaves, basil, alum, camphor and Aloe Vera. I followed the process and made sanitisers for whole family. let’s see how it turns out,” says Kalpna Sharma, another Gurugram resident.

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