Delhi University freshers are gung ho about freshers’ parties that are being conducted digitally instead of being organised on campus, like pre-Covid times.

Who says a party is all about disco lights and feasts? When it comes to Delhi University students, it just takes ideas, willingness, enthusiasm, and being yourself! Recently, senior students of Hindu College conducted an unofficial digital party, Freshers 2020, and those participating were dressed to the nines, although all the action was online.

“The fact that I’ll be able to socialise if I win a title, made me participate even though the party was online. Our college laid a milestone, and I believe none of the participants felt alienated. This shows how a digital rendezvous can be no less than a party,” says Mudit Kumar, a Hindu College student who won the title of Mr Freshers 2020. He shares how the party had students dressed up in various themes to impress the judges, and bag titles. Sharing the thought behind his choice of attire, Kumar says, “We were divided in groups and each group was assigned a unique theme. I got the theme ‘Anything but human’. Thinking just about ghosts, supernatural figures was very common so I decided to add on something different. What are the things in our society that make us less of a human? And I got the answer. With a scary make-up and flexing barbaric personality traits, I dressed up as someone who is misogynistic, racist, homobhophic and xenophobic. Thus, I justified the theme of Anything But Human.”

Fresher say since they don’t really have to travel all the way to college in the time of pandemic, it’s easier to explore their creativity when it comes to showcasing their skills at freshers’ party. From Halloween demeanour to pirate get up, the freshers are trying it all. Raghav Yadav, another fresher at Hindu College, says, “This digital party was absolutely amazing! After some welcome performances by our seniors, the department was divided into eight teams and we played many games including treasure hunt and dumb charades. The best game was last one – The Improvise Comedy Round. And in between the games we had some performances by freshers.”

Mudit Kumar won the title of Mr Freshers 2020 at the unofficial party organised digitally by Hindu College students. He dressed in the theme of ‘Anything but Human’.

Is digital party space the new in thing for college students now? “Why not? Now when everything is going digital, from classes to auditions for several college societies, why can’t the parties?” says Nishant Tomar, a student of Kirori Mal College, adding, “In anticipation of a digital freshers’ party, I have even picked my outfit! Our WhatsApp chat groups are replete with discussions of freshers’ party, and we are hoping that our seniors will figure out something pretty soon!”

“Now when everything is going digital, from classes to auditions for several college societies, why can’t the parties?” – Nishant Tomar, KMC student

Inspired by the idea of digital partying in the time of pandemic, Tushar Malik, a student of Kirori Mal College, also awaits his college or department to organise one. “We were promised a virtual college tour by our seniors, but that got cancelled due to some reason. A virtual freshers’ party sounds so much fun! If Hindu could do it, why not our college? Though we can’t have separate department freshers’ parties or hostel freshers’ parties, but for now just a digital freshers’ party is not a big bargain. I’m starting to prepare my performance thinking how cool will it be to impress my bachmates and seniors alike.”

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