Times are tough all around, whether it is due to the coronavirus pandemic, the economic downturn or even the problems surrounding single parenthood. We all have to get a little creative now and again to make ends meet and keep ourselves from falling off the wagon when it comes to taking care of ourselves and of our family.

Being a parent is a big responsibility and though most take it in their stride and strive to do the best they can, there are some who choose to run away, shirking their duty to their child and spouse. The absence of a father figure in a young child’s life might be minuscule, but it leads to a build up of small things that a child does not get to experience with their father.

In a serious bout of creativity and genius, an Australian man by the name of Jake James came up with the idea of starting a fatherhood service called, Rent a Daddy, where he offers his help to people who are willing to pay for the traditional services of a ‘dad’ around the house, like attending the kid’s sporting events and teaching them household chores, all for a small fee.

Jake James, who is a resident of Blue Haven, New South Wales, decided that he needed a change of pace from his trucker life and posted an ad on Facebook offering his services for hire. He posted the ad with a caption saying, “Trying out a new career move to get away from trucks, so everybody get onboard and support your boy. Rent a daddy today.” In the ad, he included his prices, which were sent at 30$ per hour as the standard rate and a list of the services he would be providing.

People can hire his services for 1-2 weekends per month and his services for this time include doing up to three activities of the kids choice, attending all the sporting events, 3 hours of instructional learning of essential skills such as car maintenance and mowing the lawn. In this time, Jake would also take care of day-care/school drop offs and pickups.

In the ad he also mentioned that all family events, birthday parties, family selfies and Facebook relationship statuses would be charged as extra, and on Sundays after 4 PM there would be a 20% surcharge. In the list of his services he also includes dinner dates for the mom, which is payable by the client and can even include some private time once the children are absent.  


Though a lot of people are left wondering whether this is a gimmick or a genuinely ingenious idea, Jake James’ post quickly went viral after several people commented saying that they would certainly hire him to be their boyfriend. A particular woman joked that she was in the mind to borrow her friend’s child just to be able to meet him. Another woman jokingly told her spouse that he would be getting replaced with Jake if he didn’t step up! Some are understandably a lot more sceptical about his abilities as a father considering he is holding a can of beer in his picture.

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