Look no further than the Instagram pages of these celebrities for motivation.

The only way to achieve something in life, is through single-minded devotion to that particular goal, and constant hard work to help you reach it. A workout regime is no different. There is a reason why it is referred to as the ‘fitness lifestyle’ and not just a ‘fitness hobby’. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to stay motivated all the time, especially when the world is in the throes of a global pandemic that has stranded everyone at home. Most public places have remained closed during the coronavirus-led lockdown, particularly gyms and sports clubs.

For motivation, we can look to some of the most recognisable faces in the Hindi film industry, who despite being 40 or above have not let themselves slack for even a moment. Not only do these actors excel in their craft, they are all family men who not only inspire their children but us as well, to keep pushing and working hard for our fitness goals. Their Instagram pages are littered with their workout pictures and regimes that are certain to keep anyone motivated.

Akshay Kumar

The actor may be 52 but he has never been fitter in his life. He is easily one of the most good looking and fittest of all Bollywood celebrities. He sets such fitness goals for himself that he is the only one capable of pulling them off. From performing his own stunts, swimming with weights, working out with wooden beads, doing gymnastics, and training in martial arts, Akshay Kumar has done it all and then some. His diet is completely vegan and consists of only home-cooked meals.


Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar has gone through many body transformations for his various roles. For his upcoming role as a boxer in Toofan, he once again gained 15 kilos in 6 weeks. With abs that could cut glass and rock-hard biceps, he is the epitome of fitness currently. In an interview, Farhan Akhtar also commented, “For me, fitness is a way of life and not just a routine. Irrespective of my craft, I choose to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. I’ve always refrained from indulging in things that could have adverse effects on my body.”


Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan has been the talk of the entire industry in terms of his physique and dancing abilities since his debut in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000). And there has yet to be a moment where he has disappointed. Roshan works hard and eats right to ensure that his body keeps looking the way it does and even though the actor turned 46 this year, he definitely does not look it. His work out regime includes high intensity cardio and weight training and he is a firm believer in eating small meals at regular intervals to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is keeping as fit at the age of 63 as he was at 33. The actor can be spotted at the gym various times in a week through his Instagram and he is looking finer by the day. To such an extent that it is often hard to believe that he is the father of 35-year-old Sonam Kapoor. People often joke about how he looks younger than this son-in-law, Anand Ahuja. If you are looking for inspiration to get your own body transformation under way, look no further than Anil Kapoor’s Instagram page.

Saif Ali Khan

At the age of 49, Saif Ali Khan is still giving all of us not just fitness but lifestyle goals. Saif Ali Khan is not just a man of many talents but also a doting father to his 3 children, and a fourth on the way. To keep in shape for his roles in Laal Kaptaan and Sacred Games, Saif followed a balanced diet that includes rice, dal and vegetables and mixed it up with yoga and cardio when it comes to working out. A behind-the-scenes video of Laal Kaptaan was shared by the makers, showcasing just how hard he worked to get into the skin of his character.

Arjun Rampal

There are very few men who look as dashing as Arjun Rampal does, even at the age of 47. Of the many things he is known for in Bollywood, his ripped physique is certainly on the top of the list. He keeps himself fit through various outdoor exercises like running, swimming, playing sports like football and even practising karate. He is not that much of a stickler when it comes to his diet as he is a complete foodie. He also commented that thanks to his good metabolism, his unwanted fat intake is easily burnt away.

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood is one person who goes above and beyond to maintain his fitness and also encourages others to do the same. On his birthday, the actor gave away free gym memberships to fitness enthusiasts in Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, and Punjab. In an interview he also said that, “It makes me happy when they send me pictures of themselves getting fitter, and a lot of their health problems healed. These are the things that give me a high and feel that I’m doing something good.”

Suniel Shetty

Another gym enthusiast, even at the age of 58, Suniel Shetty is looking fitter than ever. For him fitness has always been a priority and his workout routine includes a bit of everything, like yoga, weight training, cardio and other outdoor activities. He also recently joined a nationwide wellness campaign called WIN (Wellness Indoors Now) that encourages people to stay fit and improve their lifestyle from the comfort of their homes. He also did a TV show called India’s Asli Champion a few years ago, a reality stunt show to find the fittest Indian.

Shahid Kapoor

Though this talented actor may not be 40 yet, he certainly is on the right track when it comes to overall fitness. The 39-year-old actor may have started his career in Bollywood as a fresh-faced sweetheart but has quickly transformed into the heartthrob we know and love today. Shahid loves to experiment with his workout regime which include planks, push-ups, dead-lifts, cardio and weight training. He works out for more than 2 hours a day for 6 times a week and if that is not dedication, we don’t know what is.

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