As they say, being well dressed never goes out of fashion, no matter what age, ethnicity, colour, or religion you come from. This is especially true for the elderly German couple, Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft. Some of the world’s greatest models would be hard pressed to look as delightfully dapper as this Berlin based couple does.


Whether they choose to dress in matching couples’ outfits or go for complementary ones, it is clear for anyone to see that they are the best dressed couple, regardless of their age. Where Britt chooses to go for more traditional colours, opting for the occasional extravagant accessory or hat to give her entire ensemble a more modern and youthful look; Günther prefers to highlight his traditional sports jacket or three-piece suit with a splash of bright colour through his hat, bowtie, socks and pocket square. For certain informal occasions, one might even find Günther wearing sneakers with his suits, instead of his usual formal brown leather shoes.


Whichever occasion they choose to participate in, Britt and Günther completely steal the show, whether it comes to their iconic fashion sense or their show stopping dance performances. As a matter of fact, Günther attributes his health and fitness to dancing, but says that he only realised it later in his life.


A couple of years ago, Günther Krabbenhöft went viral for his dapper fashion sense and was even nicknamed the ‘Hipster Grandpa’. When questioned about why he didn’t get into the world of fashion design, he told Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, “I would have liked that, yes. But I wasn’t someone who rebelled, I did what my parents told me to do. And then that was just a cook. It was hard for me at first, but it was okay. A completely normal job.”


Even now that he has become well known in the fashion circle, Günther prefers to keep it low-key and says that if anyone wants him to consult he would do so gladly but as of now he is satisfied with the life he is living on his small pension.

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