A lot has changed ever since the lockdown started due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. A majority of us are now used to working from home and thanks to this, we are glued to our laptops and at times even our social media handles for some break from the mundane work schedule. And it is no secret that digital content creators have also changed their formats to fit in some way or the other through this lockdown. However, these creators, who were used to some elaborate shooting process, have now been forced to produce content with limited resources. Some are doing great, while some claim to have taken a ‘break’. Besides the shooting challenges, these creators have to also alter the way they brainstorm for concepts and ideas for their respective channels keeping in mind the restrictions. We spoke to BeYouNick, BeerBiceps, Harsh Beniwal and Slayy Point to know more about the paradigm shift.  


Earlier we used to jam on ideas, beef it up, think of location, equipment, production and go and shoot. Today, that’s a challenge. So, instead we virtually discuss on ideas, some ideas we park, but mostly we think of quick execution, short format content that is most importantly funny, and so nobody cares if we use whatever we have around the house. In fact, in some cases it becomes funnier. Necessity is the mother of all invention. 

Slayy Point

The kind of content we make for Slayy Point has not changed at all. During scripting, we definitely have to hold back on ideas that will need advanced camerawork or sketch segments that would need both of us in frame since we cannot meet. We try to keep it simple and manageable, which does bother us sometimes when we have to let go of great ideas and settle for doable ones. The brainstorming process is directed towards getting a similar outcome in the least amount of resources and time. Working out of the same room for ideation, scripting, shooting and editing does take a toll on idea flow and creativity, hence main channel videos get delayed sometimes. 


The initial content was centred around physical fitness. People were at home and they wanted to invest in their own body. Gradually, as the lockdown kept getting longer, we switched to a lot of mental health-based content. Eventually, we started doing some skill-based stuff. We started teaching people about photography, social media, etc. Besides, as for the thought process, we just can’t make any more fashion and grooming-based content, and that has been the big change. Overall, when are we brainstorming, we think what are people over the world thinking generally.  

Harsh Beniwal

The major challenge during lockdown was that we did not have the cast or crew for a big project. Fortunately, a few of us stay nearby and we have been through this lockdown together. Somehow, we had managed and we even made my sister act in a few videos. We didn’t have a professional camera person. Just like I used to set up my own camera and shoot a few years back, we did the same thing. I had forgotten these things for almost two years and I had to revive them. As far as ideas are concerned, the only issue was that ‘what should I shoot indoors?’

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