Restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels in Delhi will be allowed to serve liquor on a trial basis between September 9 and 30, after lieutenant governor Anil Baijal cleared the Delhi government’s proposal to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages to dine-in customers on Thursday. The move came days after the central government, in its guidelines, allowed bars to open across the country.

Thursday’s order comes with stringent safety protocols to be followed in all restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars and hotels. Here are five things one must keep in mind before making plans

1. Wearing masks is compulsory for both customers and employees.

2. It is better to get a reservation first because restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels will have to ensure that not more than 50% of their seats are occupied at any given point, which can lead to a long wait outside the premises.

3. The dance floors will be missing and so will the bar stools – the idea is to ensure social distancing. Also, bars are not allowed to serve customers who are not allotted a proper table.

4. All customers will be screened with thermal scanners and anyone with a body temperature above normal or with flu-like symptoms will be denied entry.

5. Restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels will not be allowed to operate in containment zones. As of now Delhi has 922 sealed areas.

6. It is best to check the list of precautions on the Delhi government website before making plans.

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